UK Student Housing Investment

UK Student Housing Investment

“Education is one of the most valued things in society and parents generally would not reduce their children’s education budget even in the face of financial challenges. The global trend on education has also increased the number of students enrolled in universities, which provides huge support to the student housing market and established its resilience.”

— WING CHING, SHIH – Founder & Chairman, Centaline Group

Why Invest in Student Housing?

  • Proven resilience to economic uncertainty
  • Stable risk-adjusted returns provides excellent alternatives for asset protection
  • Imbalance demand-supply creates prosperous investment opportunities and attracts international capital

Stable performance throughout economic cycle

Student housing sector has proven to be resilient during economic downturns such as 2008 financial crisis and 2019 COVID-19 pandemic. According to CBRE’s Student Accommodation Index 2020 report, student housing has outperformed most of the commercial property investments. Its resilience to risks is best shown and proved.

Excellent Investment Fundamentals
Growing domestic and international student population

The number of tertiary students has steadily increased in the past years. In 2019/20, the number of UK full-time university students reached 2.015 millions.

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) has seen 12.3% and 17% rise of international university applicants from outside the EU for the 2020 and 2021 autumn intake respectively. In 2021, the total overseas (except EU) application is 85,610, a new record high.

Large Unfulfilled Demands for Student Housing

With 2.015 million full-time university students in the country, 16.9% currently is living in university halls and 19% in off-campus student accommodations. With 64.1% unfulfilled demands in student accommodation housing, there is a great potential growth in this sector.

In the last 5 years, the nationwide annual supply was way less than the annual increase of student numbers. This gap is widened by COVID-19, allowing even more room for rental growth.


Focusing on student housing investment, Centaline offers investors various opportunities across the UK regions. We are targeting projects near universities with value-add potentials. By executing renovation plans and updating management, we will boost the rents and capital values of the properties. For investors who are interested in student housing investment, we welcome you on board to our platform#.

UK Student Housing Investment

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