US Student Housing

US Student Housing

The Centaline Student Housing Fund has showcased exceptional acumen and operational excellence in the student housing sector in USA, with remarkable achievements in past projects. As we progress, the Centaline Student Housing Fund embarks on a new journey with its current project, demonstrating our ongoing commitment and strategic vision.

Past Projects

The Estates in San Antonio, Texas: Acquired in January 2019, this investment, combined with Eclipse on Broad, accounted for a total investment surpassing US$30 million.. The Estates maintained a 95% average occupancy rate, with a total rent growth of 17.4% and property appreciation of 22.13% upon exit in 2022. This property not only signified the Fund’s dedication to student housing but also exhibited significant success.

The Estates at San Antonio

Eclipse on Broad in Athens, Georgia: Acquired in April 2019, Eclipse on Broad exceeded expectations by achieving a 99.8% average occupancy rate, rent growth of 20.8%, and property appreciation of 39.53%. This further highlights the Fund’s effective management and strategic market insights.

Eclipse on Board
Eclipse on Broad

Part of Our Current Portfolios

Building on our success, The Centaline Student Housing Fund is delighted to announce the recent addition to our portfolio, The Collective at Kennesaw, located in Kennesaw, Georgia. This acquisition, completed in March 2024, marks a significant step forward in our ongoing journey within the student housing market. 

The Collective
The Collective at Kennesaw