Centaline Investment aims at providing risk-adjusted returns to investors with various investment agendas.

At Centaline Investment, we offer our investors the opportunity to participate in a wide range of different types of commercial real estate investments. While navigating the different offerings, potential investors will often notice that each project has a unique story and an expected return that is commensurate with its level of risk. Mature markets with sizable investment volumes are our key focus, given the liquidity, security and returns in consideration. Despite of this, opportunistic investment in markets with great potentials are also under our radar.

Our Investment Approach


We identify below-market value real estate in both mature and emerging markets and carries out aggressive strategies including flipping, repositioning and off-market private sales.

Value added

Our US and UK student housing fund adopt the value-add approach to increase the cash flow and asset values over time by making improvement of the properties.


We advise and manage Core investments in prime locations of metropolitan cities.  The team actively manages the properties to get mark-to-market return in the long run.